Our Values

The core values at Per Angusta influence how we operate, build relationships, and make decisions. These are the promises we make to support our clients, partners, and each other. We take these values seriously in everything that we do – whether that is having a conversation with a potential new hire or meeting with a customer.

We thrive to make these four values evident in everything that we do.

Let us share more about the values that make-up the DNA of Per Angusta

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Our passion, our fuel

We all have a passion for our work. Our tech team regularly blogs on good practices, organises meetups for the Ruby (the technology behind Per Angusta) community and takes proactive steps to perfect our craft. We are passionate about procurement because most of us are procurement experts.

At Per Angusta, we do everything with enthusiasm. We are not going through the motions because we know our work is meaningful. We aspire to pass this passion to our clients and partners, who benefit from our passion and joy.


Think big, go beyond

We are ambitious and brave. In fact, the creation of Per Angusta was a bold move. Our founder, Pierre, was a Procurement Director and found a gap within the company (and on the market). He was brave to fix the problem with our technology and launched this new business. We have bold team members who aspire to dream bigger and expand their knowledge. Whether that’s learning Japanese or taking a risk to jump into another “world” of work – we believe in taking daring moves. Every decision we make is bold and impactful.

In fact, one of our spearheads is to inspire new research and perspectives to analysts in the Purchasing sector around PPM (Procurement Performance Management) in order to bring this new category to the market.

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Be genuine and act simply

Everyone on our team values being honest and truthful. We are transparent to our clients and each other. We do not stretch the truth in sales demos or conversations. Some companies desire to appear bigger than reality, but we prefer sticking to the facts and truth. We don’t lie about our employee count or operational capabilities. We are humble and act simply.

Team Player

One team same purpose

Everyone plays an important role at Per Angusta. We discuss and share common goals. We encourage team members to speak up and share their voices – no matter their job title or years of experience. We come together to make product developments and even plan company events. Every person at Per Angusta works together to achieve important milestones and accomplishments. We are supportive of each other.

Best of all, no one feels forced to participate in the betterment of our company and clients; the chemistry and team dynamics that you feel working with us are natural.

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