We are Per Angusta

Traditional Source-to-Contract has reached its limits. To put Procurement back at the heart of the company, Source-to-Contract must gain agile management capabilities.

Our Agile Procurement Performance Management platform enables buying teams to achieve quantum gains in accountability, collaboration and agility. Per Angusta turns procurement teams into what we call — bottom-line heroes.

Built for buyers, by buyers
Meet our Management Team

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Per Angusta - Pierre Laprée - Founder & CEO - Per Angusta

Pierre Lapree

Founder & CEO

While working as Procurement Director at Adecco, Pierre grew tired of managing gaps in procurement tools and mountains of spreadsheets. He began developing a tool in his spare time to structure and consolidate procurement teams’ operations and demonstrate the value of these actions to Finance and other stakeholders.

The result became the procurement management system at Adecco, which Pierre later named Per Angusta.

When not in the office, Pierre loves to bake!

Maurice Hamoir

VP Sales and Business Development

Maurice has held multiple roles in Procurement, Consulting and Business Development at large international organizations, such as IBM, ArcelorMittal, and more recently for the Software vendor BravoSolution (Jaggaer Group).

At Per Angusta, Maurice is responsible for sales and strategic partnerships.

Maurice speaks three languages (French, English and Spanish) and, in his spare time, plays basketball and rugby.

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Per Angusta - Maurice Hamoir - VP Sales and Business Development - Per Angusta
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Jason Treida

Head of the Americas

Jason has more than 20 years of experience and launched his career as founder of IASTA (now Determine) an eSourcing solution.

He enjoys problem solving and is particularly interested in cutting-edge technology solutions that enable greater efficiency. Jason brings unique expertise to the procurement world and is focused on international expansion of Per Angusta, which he believes to be a remarkable and innovative platform.

Jason joined Per Angusta because he wanted to be involved with a company that offered a different approach and a distinctive company culture. Jason is responsible for the sales and operations as Head of Americas.

In his spare time, Jason likes to hike, run, ski, and enjoys traveling with his family.

Valerie Lacour

Chief Marketing Officer

Valerie began her career in Fine Wine and Spirits and gained over ten years’ experience in procurement consultancy. In that function, she authored widely read thought leadership editorials on the evolving procurement function.

Valerie had an unconventional start to her Per Angusta adventure — signing her work contract with Pierre in a McDonald’s parking lot — further evidence of the excitement that Per Angusta brings to the industry.

When not focused on marketing, Valerie enjoys performing improv with her theater group.

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Per Angusta - Valérie Lacour - Chief Marketing Officer - Per Angusta
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Per Angusta - Loïc Berthelon - Director, Procurement Solutions - Per Angusta

Loïc Berthelon

Director, Procurement Solutions

Loïc brings almost two decades of management and Procurement experience to Per Angusta. As a former Procurement Director, he is well aware of the daily challenges faced within the profession.

He joined Per Angusta’s sales team because he was convinced of the value the platform brings to the industry and excited about introducing it to future clients.

In his spare time, Loic enjoys traveling and cooking exotic recipes with seasonal vegetables grown in his own garden.

Jean-Michel Gigault

Head of Technology

An alumni of the disruptive coding school 42, Jean-Michel is Per Angusta’s Head of Technology.

He ensures that Per Angusta features and navigation remain intuitive. Before joining Per Angusta, Jean-Michel co-created a tool to simplify the exchange of data between services and data providers.

In his spare time Jean-Michel practices tap dance.

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Per Angusta - Jean-Michel Gigault - Head of Technology - Per Angusta
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Per Angusta - Alexandre Rechagneux - Customer Success Manager - Per Angusta

Alexandre Rechagneux

Customer Success Manager

Before joining Per Angusta, Alexandre worked as a buyer at several major companies including Adecco and bioMérieux.

At Per Angusta, he is tasked with working closely with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with our services.

His direct relationship with customers enables him to get direct feedback on the platform for its continuous improvement. He also provides technological support to ensure our customers are getting the most out of our platform.

In his spare time, Alexandre enjoys escaping to the mountains to ski.